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Welcome to the Dingbat pages

First time here? please see the FAQ.
Please read this before you submit questions.

All fonts are in PC truetype format.
Macintosh Users click here. All fonts, to the best of our knowledge, are either freeware or shareware. If anyone knows otherwise please notify us. All fonts have been collected from around the web and have been maintained with all files intact.

Have you made a dingbat font? Would you like to add it to our site? See the Contact page for details.

Full Character Sets: character set icon when you see this icon following the name of a font click it for a pop-up window showing the FULL character set.

ALIEN - sci-fi, alien scripts and non-terrestial type dings
ANCIENT - historical, foreign scripts, heraldry
ARROWS - pointers, geographic symbols and maps
ARTS-MEDIA - music, TV, cable and film
BEINGS - people, hands, faces, Sign Language
BUSINESS - government symbols, pie charts and corporate logos
'COOL-DINGS' - post-modern, in other words, "cool dingbats"
CREATURES - cats, dogs, insects, pets and more
ESOTERIC - astrological symbols, runes, i ching hexagrams etc
'FONTBATS' - our own category - dingbats included with "regular" fonts and/or unique fonts doubling as dingbats
GAMES - puzzles, mazes, sports, and more
GENERAL - all-purpose dings featuring cursors, squares, circles, pencils, folders, etc
HOLIDAY - Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day
ORNAMENTS - borders and other decorative symbols
SPECIALTY - dingbats with an exclusive theme, everything else not listed above
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ScanFont - Turns bitmap images into font glyphs. Great for handwriting fonts, logos, clipart.
BitFonter - The first full-fledged bitmap font editor.
FONmaker - The bitmap font creator - generates bitmap fonts from outlines.
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SigMaker - Put your signature into a truetype font.
AsiaFont Studio - the premier two-byte (Unicode/CJKV) font editor.
CompoCompiler - creates composite fonts automatically.
Photofont Start - free plugin to use photofonts in Photoshop and other compatible applications.
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     (includes free source files)
Graphics Ring
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Terms for use and distribution for all fonts are contained within the zip files.
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